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The mission of WireStrungharp.com is to sustain and encourage the revival of the Wire-Strung Harp, which is also sometimes called the Clàrsach or Cláirseach, and sometimes Gaelic Harp, though these later names can also be applied to harps which are not metal-strung. We are an international team of volunteers working to provide a dependable and accurate body of work, information and resources.

Locating objective information on the internet can be a challenge. We hope that this website will serve both as a resource for dependable information and a place where people can engage, question and participate as scholars, enthusiasts and students of the wire-strung harp.

Our two main goals are:

We welcome input for the website. We want you to share your eureka moments so we can all grow together. You may observe places on various pages of the site indicating where more information is wanted. It may be a need for an entire article, for an image, or simply a piece of data to fill in a gap. If you can fulfill one of these needs, or if you have something quite unique to offer, please send an email to us at editor@WireStrungharp.com with either a proposal for your participation or with the complete offering (article, fact, photo, etc.) All submissions are appraised for accuracy prior to posting. We always confirm your permission to post prior to doing so.

Regarding Copyright: All our participants retain copyright for their individual work (such as articles and videos). Once submitted for inclusion in the site, the assumption is that a license is granted by the copyright holder for us to post their work on this website. The layout of this site, including unattributed text throughout the site, is the copyright of the owners of WireStrungharp.com. If you wish to export any content to a location outside this site, please ask for our permission, which in most cases will be freely granted with the provision that credit is given to WireStrungharp.com, that we can obtain permission from any other copyright holder (i.e. the person who provided the specific content you wish to export), and that a link is made back to WireStrungharp.com.

WireStrungharp.com and the WireStrungharp logo are trademarks. “The complete resource for the wire-strung harp” is our service mark. All content not otherwise marked are copyright.