The Irish and the Highland Harps

Volume 1 of “Musical Instruments” by Robert Bruce Armstrong

Robert Bruce Armstrong (1838-1913) was an archaeologist living in Edinburgh, where he also practiced music and art. He wrote two volumes on Musical Instruments and for our purposes the most important was the first, published in 1904. Well illustrated with photographs and his own beautiful drawings of the harps, it also includes many accurate measurements of the instruments he inspected.

Following is the text of an Errata that Armstrong added to his book after its initial publication. It is included here as it is not immediately apparent.


P. 7, 14th line, for (1581) read (1581)5.

P. 52, Note 5, for Cevil read Ceoil.

P. 83, 7th line, for unquestionably read quite possibly.

P. 86, 10th line, for evidently read perhaps.

P. 100, 8th line from bottom, for believed read supposed.

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Armstrong's Volume 2 of "Musical Instruments", published in 1908, was entitled English and Irish Instruments and contains interesting information on other types of harps, such as the dittal harp, as well as lyres, guitars, and lutes, with musical examples, instruction, and copious illustrations.