The Hunt Harp

The Hunt Harp
Feature Detail
Date Probably late 18th century, or possibly early 19th.
String Count 35
Height 155 cm (61 inches)
Soundbox Made-up box from several pieces of wood (softwood - pine, spruce or similar), maximum width 34 cm (13 1/2 inches)
Current Location National Museum of Ireland

The Hunt harp is so named for being found in the collection of John Hunt, whose son presented the harp to the National Museum of Ireland in the late 20th century. The possible dates for this harp, late 18th to early 19th centuries, straddle two interesting eras between when wire-strung harp playing was in decline and that in which the revival was attempted. It is significant for, among other things, having been built with a pieced-body construction for the soundbox, thus tipping the balance of extant harps of that era away from hollowed-body construction.

For a preliminary report giving further details of this harp, please visit this link The Harp of John Hunt.