The O’Ffogerty Harp

Also known as O’Fogarty Harp and the O’Ffogarty Harp

O'Fforgerty Harp

Photograph from The Irish and Highland Harps
by Robert Bruce Armstrong

Feature Detail
Date 17th century
String Count 35, possibly 36 originally
Height 112 cm (44 inches)
Soundbox Hollowed out from a single block, maximum width 41 cm (16 inches)
Current Location Still owned by the Fogarty family though at time of writing on loan and display at Tipperary County Library, The Source, Cathedral Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

This harp was once owned and played by Cornelius O’Ffogerty (1661–1730) of Castle Ffogerty, County Tipperary. [N.b. The names Ffogerty, Ffogarty, and Fogarty may all be met with.]

For Robert Bruce Armstrong’s account of this harp, see The Irish and Highland Harps pages 79 through 81. These pages contain a photograph, two drawings, detailed descriptions and observations on this harp.