The Royal Irish Academy
Harp No. 2

Now commonly known as the “Carolan Harp”

Royal Irish Academy Harp No. 2

Drawing by Robert Bruce Armstrong,
from The Irish and Highland Harps

Feature Detail
Date Probably early 18th century (though late 17th century is possible)
String Count 36 (though possibly up to 37 at one time)
Height 137 cm (54 inches)
Soundbox Hollowed out from a single block (“sycamore”), maximum width is 33 cm (13 inches)
Current Location The National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin

This harp was formally in the collection of the Royal Irish Academy. Note that the harp has suffered much damage and repair. It is likely that the original string lengths were longer.

For Robert Bruce Armstrong’s account of this harp, see The Irish and Highland Harps pages 83 and 84. This passage includes the drawing reproduced above and some brief description and measurements of the harp.