A Harp by John Egan

There is unfortunately no image of this harp by John Egan as all that is known of it is Robert Bruce Armstrong’s description, and he published no drawing nor photograph of it.

Feature Detail
Date 1809
String Count 36
Height 136 cm (53½ inches)
Soundbox Made-up box with a cross—grained soundboard, maximum width is 29 cm (11½ inches)
Current Location not known

For Robert Bruce Armstrong's account of this harp, see The Irish and Highland Harps pages 100 through 102. He gives a detailed description of the harp, with some measurements and other observations.

This harp is thought to have been made by John Egan, of Dawson Street, Dublin, for either The Dublin or The Belfast Harp Society. Please note that there is a carved figure at the top of the forepillar which Armstrong thought might have been added. The original height may therefore have been different from that given in the table above.

Armstrong gives the following English translation of a German text that is inscribed on the soundboard:

The Harp once made at your command,
With ancient song, shall charm the land;
While each young and poor Orphan boy
From your hight Bounty Finds employ;
May kindliness sweet peace prolong,
And glad inspire the dance and song.