The Magenis Harp

The Harp made for Captain Arthur Magenis

The Magenis Harp

The Magenis harp painting, currently in a private collection in Scotland Photograph copyright K Sanger

Feature Detail
Date 1711
String Count 33
Height Unknown, about four feet (Petrie thought) but probably slightly more – perhaps 130 cm (51 inches)+
Soundbox Unknown, but appears to be hollowed out from a single block (possibly alder) with a width probably in the region of
30 – 35 cm (12 – 14 inches)
Current Location Original harp no longer known to exist, but a painting of it is held in a private collection in Scotland

On page 100 of The Irish and Highland Harps, Robert Bruce Armstrong relates a description of a missing harp that had belonged to Captain Arthur Magenis. The description was originally supplied by George Petrie to Eugene O’Curry and was first published in On the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish (volume 3, pages 295–296).

A high–quality painting of this harp has recently been located. The painting is dated 1889 and is currently in private hands. For more information please see the article Captain Arthur Magenis — His Harp and Its Portrait.