The Lamont Harp

At one time referred to as The Caledonian Harp

The Lamont Harp or Clarsach

Image of the Lamont Harp by Robert Bruce Armstrong

Feature Detail
Date 15th century
String Count 32 is the apparent maximum (though it may have been strung with fewer)
Height 96 cm (38 inches). The forepillar has been reconstructed and repaired and the current height may be different from the original.
Soundbox Hollowed out from a single block, maximum width 43 cm (17 inches) willow
Current Location National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh.

For Robert Bruce Armstrong’s detailed description see The Irish and Highland Harps pages 158 through 168. These pages contain numerous photographs and drawings, along with detailed descriptions, measurements and observations on this harp.

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brass brackets

Detail of the brass brackets

harmonic curve

View of the arm (harmonic curve)

string pins

Close photograph of the pins

string rib

Detail of string rib

side image

Side image of the harp

view of harp

View of harp showing tension on pillar