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Welcome to the Bibliography for the Historical Woods pages of Here is listed the resources cited in the historic woods pages of this website. You will notice links back to the specific woods pages referencing individual sources. You may track back to the individual pages that way, or you may access the Historic Woods Index via this link. Of course, you may also simply enjoy perusing the interesting resources listed on this page.

National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland
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return to: [Spindlewood]
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return to: [Hornbeam]
O’Sullivan, Aileen and Kelly, Daniel L.
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Rimmer, Joan
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The Irish Harp, (1969). The Foreword acknowledges Miss Maura Scannell of the Natural History Division of the National Museum of Ireland and Dr. Hayes, of Edinburgh University Forestry Department for the wood identifications. return to: [Spindlewood] [Sycamore]

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