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WireStrung Harp, the Clarsach
WireStrungHarp ― Harps and Harpers (clarsach and clarsair)
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WireStrungHarp ― Culture & Time Index
Legends of the Wire–Strung Harp
Tigh nan teud — House of the Harp String
Mapping the Clarsach in Scotland
The Guinness Harp Trademark
Guinness Brand Identity
Guinness Fact Sheet: Downhill Harp
The Harp as Symbol
The Harp and Arms of Ireland
Recovering the Harp of the Daghda
Harp of the Dagda, retold
The Harper of Mull
Leddy Isabel
Historic Harps
Harper Index
Other Harps
Timeline of Early Harpers in Ireland
Historic Irish Harper Essay
Final Chords: the Last Scottish Harpers
Dictates Against Harpers
Home Is Where The Harp Is: The evidence for “harper’s lands”
Old News Clippings
Mapping the Clarsach in Scotland
Charles Byrne and his Harp
Patrick Byrne, clarsair
Patrick Byrne: the First Modern Harper?
The Last Will and Testament of Patrick Byrne, Harper
John Elouis
Duncan MacInDeor: Harper to Campbell of Auchinbreck
Ranald MacDonald of Cross (Ranald MacAilean Oig)
Echlin O’Cathain
Historic Harps
Ballinderry Harp
Belfast Museum Harp or O’Neill Harp
Belfast Society Harps
Bell Harp
Bunworth Harp
Charlemont Harp
The Clonalis House Harp ― O’Conor/Carolan Harp
Dalway Harp or Cloyne Harp
Downhill Harp
Egan Harp
Frazer and Llangattock Harps
Hehir Harp
Hollybrook Harp
Kearney’s Harps
Irlandische-harff (Praetorius Irish Harp)
Two Irish Harps in Co. Dublin (Kearney’s Harps)
Kildare Harp or FitzGerald Kildare Harp
Lamont Harp
Magenis Harp
Mulagh Harp or Mulagh Mast Harp
O’Ffogerty Harp
Otway Harp
Queen Mary Harp
The Rev Best Harp
R.I.A. Harp No. 2 or “Carolan” Harp
Sirr Harp
South Kensington Harp or V & A Harp
Trinity College Harp
The Belfast/O’Neill Harp
The Belfast Museum Harp ― O’Neill’s Harp
The Bell Harp
The Bell Harp History
Downhill Harp
The Downhill Harp
Verse Inscription on the Downhill Harp
The Lude Harps
The Robertson Family History
Lude; its Owners and the Robertson family―a Table
The Lamont Harp
The Lamont Harp; the physical evidence and historic context
The Queen Mary Harp
The 1745 Despoliation of the Queen Mary Harp
The Magenis Harp
Captain Arthur Magenis ― His Harp and Its Portrait
The Mulagh Harp
Charles Byrne and the Mulagh Harp
Other Harps
A Glen Harp
The Napier–Glen Harp
The Lady John Scott Harp
The Poltalloch Harp
The Kilravock Mermaid Carving
The Hill House Carving
An Irish Harp at the Danish Court, painted by Thim
Images in Stone and Metal
Cross Slab at Ardchattan
Edzell Castle, Angus
Jerpoint Abbey harp key
The Hill House Carving
Keills Grave Slab
Kilcoy Castle Fireplace mantle
The Kilravock Mermaid Carving
Cross of Muiredach at Monasterboice
Shrine of St Patrick’s tooth
The Library
WireStrungHarp ― Catalogue of our Library
Robert Bruce Armstrong ― The Irish and the Highland Harp
Robert Bruce Armstrong ― English and Irish Instruments
Robert Bruce Armstrong’s Papers
John Bowie ― A Collection of Strathspey Reels (etc.) pages 32–35; The Harp Tunes (1789)
Bunting ― A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (1796)
Thomas Brochard ― Harpers in Scotland's Outlying Communities in the 16th ad 17th Centuries
Bunting ― A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (1809)
Bunting ― The Ancient Music of Ireland Arranged for Piano Forte (1840)
Poems of Carolan Amhràin Cearbhallàin (by T. O’Maille)
Adam Craig ― Collection for the Musical Society of Mary’s Chappell (c. 1725)
John Graham Dalyell ― Musical Memoirs of Scotland
William Dauney ― Ancient Scottish Melodies
Daniel Dow ― A Collection of Ancient Scots Music
    General Reid and Daniel Dow: “The Elephant in the Room”
    Tune Map for Daniel Dow
Charlotte Milligan Fox ― Annals of Irish Harpers
John Gunn ― Enquiry re: The Performance on the Harp in The Highlands
Edward Ledwich ― Antiquities of Ireland
Mackintosh ― Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar Phrases
McIntyre North ― The Book of the Club of True Highlanders
    McIntyre North’s wrest harp key
    Not a harp key
Mulholland ― A Collection of Ancient Irish Airs
Eugene O’Curry Vol. I ― On the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish
    Eugene O’Curry Vol. II
    Eugene O’Curry Vol. III
Arthur O’Neill’s Memoir as dictated to Thomas Hughes, MS 4/14
Elizabeth Ross Manuscript ― Original Highland Airs (1812)
Owenson/Sampson letter on Denis Hempson
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, 1881
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, 1905
Ua Súilleabháin and Donnelly ― Death of a Harper
Joseph Cooper Walker ― Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards
Bibliography on Wire–Strung Harp
Wood Index
Historic Woods for Wire-strung Harps
Scottish Customs Tariffs for 1612
Harp Pegs Project (draft in progress)
    Bellingham ivory harp peg
    RIA Harp peg
Historic Woods Bibliography
American Wood for the Wire-Strung Clarsach
Isle of Skye: Wood for the Wire-Strung Clarsach
Alder Wood
Hornbeam Wood
Oak Wood
Spindlewood Wood
Sycamore Wood
Walnut Wood
Willow Wood
Yew Wood
Wire for Historic Harps
Early Pre 1700 References to wire harp string composition
― quotations from the contemporary written sources
Contemporary Metals for early Clarsach
Silver Strings on the Clarsach
Stringing Practices for the Harp
Stringing Practices content:
How Strings Work on a Harp
String Wizard – The String Calculator
Stringing Analysis Spreadsheet – Introduction
Stringing Analysis Spreadsheet – Use and Download
About the String Calculator
How to Use the Calculator
Table 1 – Mechanical Properties
Table 2 – Frequency Chart
Table 3 – Wound Strings
Unit Converter
Possible Applications
Optimum Tension
Elastic Potential Energy
Fingal’s Cave
Parting of Friends
Tweedside sheet music by John Elouis
Lost Chords
See also music books in The WireStrungHarp Library
Revival and Transformation
Modern Revival Timeline of Wire–Strung Harp
Attempted Reintroduction of the Highland Harp, 1784–1786
Banríon an Cheoil Concert 27 & 28 November 2009
The Essence of Replica Harps, from the Perspective of a Small Harp
Amplifying the Clàrsach
Three Scenarios in Amplifying the Clàrsach
Components of a Sound System
Home Recording with a Harp
Support and Community
Clarsach FAQs
Clarsach Etymology
Opening Credits
Tying a Knot in a Wire String
Key Relationships – Major/Minor
Index of Off–site Locations of WireStrungharp.com
WireStrungHarp on Facebook
WireStrungHarp Channel on YouTube
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